We offer proven strategic business solutions to improve great companies.

We are much more than a professional services company–we are a full-service business advisor that’s able to provide our clients with tailored solutions and the talent required to thrive in a highly competitive business world. In short, we improve great companies.

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workforce delivery

Since our formation in 1993, we at APC have specialized in providing top talent for marketing, IT, engineering, project management, and highly skilled subject matter experts in areas such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and blockchain. Our talent-solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, who range from global industry leaders to mid-size firms.

talent delivery
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Perm
  • Permanent Hire
thought leadership
  • Industry Experts
  • Business Strategy Consultants
  • Technical Consultants


tailored business solutions
From assisting organizations navigate the evolution of workforce regulations and compliance, to cybersecurity consulting and fractional CIO services, APC's tailored business solutions are designed from the start to be the right fit for your organization. And we have both the experience and the agility to make it happen quickly.
  • Talent Delivery
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Operational Assessment
  • Independent Contractor Compliance
  • Employer of Record & International Payrolling
  • Aging Workforce Transitions (InPlacement Service)

Talent Delivery

Since our formation in 1993, APC has specialized in providing specialized talent for marketing, IT, engineering, project management, and highly skilled subject matter experts, such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and blockchain. Our talent-solution delivery is tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our clients range from global industry leaders to mid-sized firms.

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Managed Services & Support

APC’s managed services assist clients by performing critical functions that are not their core business. APC empowers clients to purchase services based on usage – rather than time – reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO). Since non-applied time can account for more than 30-percent of a service’s total cost, overall expenditures can be significantly reduced and specifically tracked against budget or revenue line items. APC’s managed services effectively change variable expenses into fixed costs.

APC applies ISO 9001 and Lean Engineering disciplines to all managed services ensuring a pragmatic approach that fosters innovation and improvement.

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Operational Assessment

Whether it is an analysis of your IT Portfolio, Vendor Management Methodology, or other operational concern, APC can provide the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to assist you in determining the right decisions to be made. For example, a typical short IT Portfolio Analysis might consist of a review of the project portfolio, personnel inventory, applications portfolio, infrastructure, and security.

To assist you in alieving risk and worry, APC can provide an SME that is non-vendor-biased with the knowledge and experience that you can trust to assist you in evaluating the current status and how to change it to the way you want it to be.

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Independent Contractor Compliance

Concerned about co-employment risks? Since 1993, APC’s proven compliance process for independent contractors determines whether they are properly classified as a valid 1099 or an incorporated entity. For those that are not properly classified, APC can become their employer of record (EOR) to insulate you from any potential compliance issues. For those that are properly classified, APC can engage them as their agent of record (AOR).

Either way, APC can ensure that professionals are engaged in full compliance with applicable IRS and DOL rules and regulations, as well as your internal guidelines. Additionally, there are substantial cost savings that can be realized!

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Employer of Record & International Payrolling

  • Already know the professionals you want but not able to hire as an employee?
  • Want to eliminate the headaches associated with international workers?
  • Have H1Bs that want to return home but you wish to retain the use of their services?

Whether it is for only 1 or for 1000’s of professionals, APC’s Employer of Record (EOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) service is your solution for domestic and foreign employees, mitigating co-employment risks for contract workers, and self-sourced professionals.

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Aging Workforce Transitions (InPlacement Service)

APC can relieve the pain of losing key retirees by providing them Employer of Record (EOR) or, if appropriate, Agent of Record (AOR) service to allow them to continue to work full-time, part-time, or on a project basis until the transition of their knowledge and contacts is completed. Also if desired, APC can provide qualified replacements for your consideration.

APC’s Aging Workforce Transition teams will work with you to develop retention and/or replacement strategies for key retiring employees to allow easier successions and transitions!

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