Energy Sector

Never before have the stakes for talent been higher for America’s electric utility industry. Competing successfully for the best people will make the difference.

Electric utilities are turning to APC for the proven talent and service that has made our company a success. APC’s experienced Energy Professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to solve today’s most complex energy problems, and address the challenges ahead. We are specialists in compliance and risk mitigation, and we know that understanding your industry is paramount to superior service.

  • Smart Grid
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Cyber Security

Smart Grid

Smart grid initiatives represent a bold new world for America’s electric power companies. Offering a myriad of capabilities and benefits that have the power to transform the industry, smart grid technologies can help protect power plants from a wide variety of threats – from cyber attacks to natural disasters – while making it easier to communicate more effectively with customers.

With smart grid technologies, utilities will also be able to usher in new products, open new revenue streams, and develop entirely new markets. Smart grid will also help electric utilities efficiently accommodate a variety of energy needs.

Merging new smart grid technologies with today’s analog grid requires guidance from specialists who understand how to integrate and deploy a new generation of digital technologies.

As more smart grid initiatives power up, electric utilities across the country will be vying for the best talent, including specialists and consultants knowledgeable in:

  • Systems Integration
  • Industry Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM) Packaged Applications
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Business Analytics

Nuclear Energy

Industry experts are predicting a “Nuclear Renaissance” and if your company has an investment in nuclear energy production, it may soon become harder to find great talent.

Climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are just two of the factors driving the trend toward commissioning new plants. Meanwhile a critical shortage of professionals skilled in new designs and technologies will make it harder to keep pace.

As the only carbon-free source of power available around the clock, nuclear technology is positioned to help electric companies increase the nation’s baseload power over the next 20 years and this means increased demand for scientists and engineers knowledgeable in advanced nuclear power technologies.

APC can assist you in finding the best talent, including:

  • Nuclear Scientists
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Nuclear Station Operators

Cyber Security

The need for system and data security is one of the highest priorities in today’s turbulent world and electric utilities are one of the most visible and vulnerable targets for threats. Cyber attacks are on the rise against America’s electric power infrastructure and this poses not only a threat to local plant operations but to national security as well. Understanding how a cyber attack against a plant’s control systems could be launched and making sure mitigation strategies are in place to thwart a potential attack is no longer a theoretical concern.

Front and center, cyber security systems and protocols are necessary to protect utility IT systems and critical infrastructure. APC Professionals knowledgeable in protecting IT systems from intrusions and attacks can help insure and protect your operations.

Dedicated to meeting your energy talent requirements, we can provide assistance with:

  • SCADA Migration
  • Network Operations
  • Intrusion Analysis/Capture
  • Critical Communication
  • Application Design
  • Security Mitigation Strategies


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