Information Technology

APC’s IT professionals have the technical expertise, certifications, communication skills and proven experience to deliver results for our clients. We can offer a single, qualified professional or an experienced team of specialists.

  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Big Data

Project Management

Whether you are implementing business strategy, designing a custom application, or integrating a software solution, APC can identify a project manager that has the experience, knowledge, methodology and skills to help ensure your project stays on schedule and within budget. Our project managers can assume the following type of responsibilities:

  • Project planning, estimating, & defining deliverables
  • Comprehensive project tracking and auditing
  • Client, supplier and team management / resource allocation
  • Project communication & issue resolution
  • Risk management and financial reporting
  • Project administration

Business Analytics

APC has business analytics professionals that are experienced in working as a liaison among project stakeholders in order to obtain, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and systems. Our business analysts recommend solutions based on the stakeholders requirements in order to achieve an organization’s goals.

Cyber Security

APC’s cyber security professionals implement broad-reaching security strategies that protect the complex infrastructures and relationships our clients have with their suppliers, partners, and customers. Through a comprehensive approach, our information security professionals assist clients with policies, organizational management, processes, and technologies that secure business-critical information and infrastructure investments.


As a greater number of organizations shift towards cloud-based systems in order to realize cost savings and enhance agility, APC’s IT professionals help keep up with the demand by providing the expertise necessary to build and maintain cloud platforms, software, and services. Our professionals offer organizations the scalability required to compete in this evolving and rapidly growing sector.


APC professionals can provide results during any phase of the mobile application development lifecycle. We have professionals experienced with a variety of tools on multiple platforms offering immediate results regardless of technical environment or industry. Among other tasks, our professionals’ skill sets allow them to:

  • Design and develop mainframe and client/server applications
  • Improve user interface/friendliness of existing software packages
  • Enhance the functionality of existing packages, regardless of programming language
  • Optimize application performance

Big Data

Our big data professionals bring organization to a business world that could otherwise be chaotic due to the phenomenal volume of data that is acquired and consumed on a daily basis. They understand how to build, maintain, and manage systems and structures designed to house or interpret raw information. The demand for big data experts isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Fortunately, neither are our IT professionals!

Toolkit Example: Cobol to C# Conversion

APC's skilled IT professionals engage in a variety of assignments across all industries, helping to be part of the solution our respective clients need--whether long-term or project-based. We go well beyond staffing IT professionals and, as part of our business solutions offerings, are able to combine our IT professionals with industry leading tools in a variety of ways.

One such example is a tool that is able to be utilized in converting computer code from Cobol to C# languages. Normally a time-consuming task with a tremendous room for error, APC's access to tools such as the one demonstrated in the video below assist in delivering efficient, accurate solutions that help our clients' businesses succeed!


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