Managed Services & Support

APC’s managed services assist clients with functions that lay outside their core business. APC can manage functions that are critical that they be done right the first time and on-time but are not a core strategic function of the business. Examples might be creative development of branding material and maintaining the web presence, promoting social media, proposal writing and development, product announcement sign-offs and documentation, Vendor Broker Services, Bill Only (buying things you don’t want to be bothered with or want to maintain secrecy, etc.

APC empowers clients to purchase services based on use – rather than time – reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO). Since unapplied time can account for more than 30-percent of a service’s total cost, overall expenditures can be significantly reduced and specifically tracked against budget or revenue line items. APC’s managed services can effectively change variable expenses into fixed costs.

APC’s applies ISO 9001 and Lean Engineering disciplines to all managed services ensuring a pragmatic approach that also fosters innovation and improvement.

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