You help build networks that generate the power it takes for the world to move forward; we help build powerful networks to keep your energy-focused career moving forward and looking bright.

Energy Sector

For you, working in the energy sector is about much more than just having a job in a hot employment industry; it’s a tremendous passion you have to help power the world through solving complex problems and addressing future needs.

  • Smart Grid
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Cyber Security

Smart Grid

You understand how to integrate and deploy a new generation of digital technologies. You are a specialist that is knowledgeable in:

  • Systems Integration
  • Industry Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM) Packaged Applications
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Business Analytics

Nuclear Energy

You are an engineer or scientist that is knowledgeable in advanced nuclear power technologies. You have a solid background in delivering solutions in an industry that requires the best of the best.

Our clients are looking for top talent to work as:

  • Nuclear Scientists
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Nuclear Station Operators

Cyber Security

As a cyber security expert in the energy sector, you understand that electric utilities are one of the most visible and vulnerable targets for threats. You work relentlessly to provide risk mitigation and thwart potential attacks on our nation’s most critical energy providers.

Our clients need energy sector specialists to assist with:

  • SCADA Migration
  • Network Operations
  • Intrusion Analysis/Capture
  • Critical Communication
  • Application Design
  • Security Mitigation Strategies


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