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The Waya Award

Each year, APC’s Waya Award honors a professional’s contributions and quality service to our client with special acknowledgement for their dedication and exemplary work.

Cherokee for “Wolf,” the Waya is a sacred animal to Native Americans and symbolizes family, teamwork, intelligence, dignity, respect, pride in work, loyalty, and success of a mission.


APC’s Waya Award recognizes an employee’s extraordinary professional contributions and quality service to our client, as well as their integral role in advancing our client’s mission and fulfilling APC’s vision of positively impacting people’s lives.


All APC full-time employees are eligible. Due to IRS guidelines, we are unable to offer this award to non-employees subcontracting on our engagements.


Nominees must have consistently performed in an exemplary manner, exceeding the expectations of their position, and should demonstrate commitment to the mission of the company and reflect APC’s values:

  • Do what's right. Always.
  • Make it happen.
  • Be of service.


All Client Managers are invited to participate in making nominations.

The Waya Award nomination form includes questions regarding the specific and current examples of the professional’s achievements and contributions that reflect the principle criteria and attributes mentioned above.


All nominations will be kept confidential before, the selection process. Selection as a finalist relies on a multi-point system based on value, criteria and attributes. Please forward inquiries and concerns to mgmt@apcinc.com.

  • The Waya Award Administrator will coordinate nominations submitted with the Waya Award Committee for review and selection


All Nominees receive an APC Cornerstone Award acknowledging their value to the team.

Quarterly and Annual winners each receive:

  1. A letter of appreciation from the President
  2. A feature article in the APC in Action blog and in the APC Newsletter
  3. Recognition on the APC corporate website
  4. Engraved/commemorative award plaque
  5. $100 Gift Card


The annual Waya Award Winner receives: Tropical-Beach

  • Travel and Hotel
    • Value of $3,750 + tax
    • Customized with the assistance of APC’s travel agent
    • Time off must conform to client’s needs
    • Must use own available personal time off

It is not necessary for winners to be present in order to receive their award prizes.

If you are a Client Manager and would like to recognize an APC Professional, please take a moment to complete the Waya Award Nomination Form and tell us why you think they deserve such an important honor from APC.


2021 Winners
Paul Campbell

2020 Winners
Mike Dyess
Syvella Jones
Melissa Benitez

2019 Winners
David Fender
Mark McFadden
Diana Ruiz
Charles Anderson

2018 Winners
Fred McNeese
Rob Spencer
Tim Ledford
Karen Lewis

2017 Winners
Elaine Walker
Richard Silvers
Michael Rozelle
Richard Orth

2016 Winners
Joanna Wilkins
Karen Lewis
Susan Brown
Millie Glaser


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