In general, you may visit our site without revealing any personal information about yourself. No covert attempt is made to collect information about you, who you are, your IP address, or where you have been.

The only information we collect is provided by you in order to receive services from us. Such services make use of extensive event logging features. Event logging includes but is not limited to the following user actions; login, logout, change of data, and actions that result in generation of email from our systems.

Information supplied by you is treated as confidential. Reasonable effort is taken to ensure that only those that need such information for job related function, have access to it. We will disclose information to law enforcement agencies if requested to do so.

A secure certificate is used to encrypt data transmissions between your browser and our web service. Data collected by our online forms are encrypted with 128bit RC2, RC4, DES, or Triple DES cypher, prior to being written to a secure database.

While reasonable effort is made to secure information, such precautions do not guarantee that our systems are invulnerable to all security breaches, and as such APC provides no warranties, guarantee, or representation, expressed or implied, to the security of our systems, or the data provided to or by such systems.


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